The Reverse Funnel System

With all the hype on the Internet today about getting rich overnight using the latest “new” product to come to the market, it’s no wonder people are asking if the “Reverse Funnel System” is a scam.

The bottom line is that the Reverse Funnel System is a marketing tool, plain and simple. It’s an expensive marketing tool unless you can actually generate sign ups from the people you feed into your program. You must have at least 6 people signing up to take the online survey that is offered through the system to break even for one month. Better yet, you can make a $500-$1,000 sale and then you will break even on your costs for using the marketing tool itself or will have some left over to use the system again for another month.

On top of the monthly cost are costs for advertising to get people into your reverse funnel system. clickfunnels pricing page
The reverse funnel system will not work unless you feed it people. The people who sign up receive a series of marketing messages designed to get them involved in the RFS and Global Resorts Network.

The product, Global Resorts Network, is an outstanding product for any aspiring entrepreneur. It is an existing product that has been around for over 20 years but is now being brought to the internet for the first time and is sold only through Global Resorts Network distributors.

The Reverse Funnel System is not a scam. It is a tool. Anyone who cries scam doesn’t understand basic marketing concepts. The RFS allows people to put their money where their mouths are so to speak. Many talk about starting a successful business but when the rubber meets the road, they don’t want to put any time, effort or money into any business. The system seems to work as it is designed to work, but it would not have worked without advertising to tell others about the RFS. Once a prospect signs up, the system is designed to be “hands off” and it does operate that way. The autoresponder messages do their job. Many are reporting numerous sales without ever calling anyone.

On the other hand, sales are being made as individuals progress through the funnel and one or two follow up phone calls are made to welcome them aboard. I personally made my first two sales with GRN through the reverse funnel system and it took just about two weeks. I don’t have a list and I did have to market, but I am building my own list now.

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