Betting Against the Spread for NCAA Football

Long-term success in football betting ultimately lies in betting against the spread. Indeed, you’ll almost always make out better in the long run when betting against the spread than betting on straight wins and losses. However, betting against the spread requires doing a bit of homework before you pick your lines. ข่าวบอล If you’re interested in improving your winning percentage, these tips can help you make the best picks for the season, whether you’re betting NFL or NCAA football lines.

NCAA Football Betting: In for the Long Haul

It’s true that some lucky bettors strike it big with one against-all-odds bet, but that’s a rare occurrence. Most players make their profit by building smaller wins over the course of a season. Even the best bettors only win about 60 to 65 percent of their bets. This is a nice return on your investment when you’re betting against the spread. Keep that in mind when you’re looking for a source of NFL or NCAA football picks.

Long Shots are For Losers

After all, when all the odds are against a team, there’s a reason for it. Don’t throw your money away betting on huge long shots unless you have some pretty serious inside information. Instead, study the lines leading up to a game, do your research on the teams, and then pick the best games to bet on.

Bet Against Large Point Spreads

On the other hand, when the bookies are giving more than 30 points on a big public favorite, bet against spread. They’re sucker bets – and they’ve got a 65% win rate over the past 10 years. Use your judgment, but be aware of history.

Don’t Bet On Every Game

Or, for that matter, every week. Be selective. Only bet when you feel you’ve got a good line on a winner. In fact, if you bet on fewer games, you’ll be able to place larger wagers when you do have a line on a winner.

Watch the Line

Keep your eye on the moving line. Point spreads move up and down over the course of the week based on many factions, including betting action and news about the teams. Keep your eye on line, especially if you know about injuries, coaching mishaps or other issues that might affect the outcome of a game, and bet when you’ll get your best value.

Bet the Same Amount on Every Game

While it’s tempting to throw a wad of money at an NCAA football game with a sweet spread, it can throw your discipline off. The truth is that, like most other things in life, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Design a plan for your betting, and stick with your plan. You’ll nearly always come out better over the course of the season.

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